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The ABCs of Saving
Source: Council for Economic Education (EconEdLink) | Type: Lesson

We save money to get things we can’t afford to buy now. Saving for the future requires patience but it can be worth it when we get what we want the most. Successful savings depends on three elements which are presented to students as the ABCs of saving. A is for Aim: setting a goal. B is for Bank: creating a place to put savings. C is for Coins and currency: making saving money a habit. Students participate in an activity in which they must distinquish between short-term and long-term goals. In a second activity, they discover that when they decide to save for a future goal, they are giving up the opportunity to buy something now. What they give up is their opportunity cost—the thing they wanted second most. The well-known fable about The Grasshopper and the Ants helps illustrate this point. Big Banks, Little Banks (http://???) can be used as a follow-up lesson introducing students to the advantages and disadvantages of different savings places.




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Great lesson of values!    April 6, 2011
By: May, C
This lesson is great for kids to realize the value of a dollar and they can save to get what they really want. This activity gives other lessons for you to continue on through after you are done with this one!

Learning Values    February 17, 2012
By: Sutton, S
This is a great lesson to teach young students and children about the value of saving money and how to do so.

Great for young ages    February 6, 2014
By: Kirk, S
This lesson can be taught to children at a young age! great to start children learning economics early on!