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Do I Look Like I'm Made of Money?
Source: Council for Economic Education (EconEdLink) | Type: Lesson

One of the most common replies given by parents when their children ask for money is “Do I look like I’m made of Money?” This lesson is designed to educate students about the need for money as a generally accepted medium of exchange. The students will also learn how money is earned. Finally, the students will identify useful endeavors they can be a part of.




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Quality Lesson    May 9, 2010
By: McQuinn, A
The lesson “Do I Look Like I’m Made of Money?” is a quality lesson with activities that engages learners. I suggest you provide the student lesson to each child, so they are able to highlight any key information they would like to remember from the lesson.

It takes at least two sixty-minute class periods to complete, if you combine Part 1 and Part 2 on the first day and do Part 3 on the second day. In order to complete Part 1 and Part 2 on day one, the teacher should prepare a pie graph on how typical adults acquire their money. Students can compare their pie graphs to the teacher’s pie graph. The student pie graph assignment could be sent home on day one, and it could be used as the beginning of the lesson on day two.

An error exists in the teacher lesson Part 3: Choosing Your Enterprise—If the students are having a difficult time generating job ideas for the brainstorm activity, consider using the list of jobs to stimulate discussion. If you click on the list of jobs, it does not direct you to the correct link to download the list of jobs, it directs you to the Job List Questions Worksheet. You may get the list of jobs from the Resources section of the teacher’s lesson.

If time does not permit the completion of the Assessment Activity online, the following questions could be easily typed and distributed:

What are ways people earn or acquire income? Which one seems to be the most reliable?

What can you do to earn money, and why is that important?

The students enjoyed the activities in this lesson and loved using the Internet to learn about different jobs. I suggest you have a laptop cart or computer lab available to allow each student enough time to thoroughly research the jobs.

Students will enjoy this activity    July 20, 2010
By: scimone, c
I particularly like the second part of the lesson where students create their own pie graph based on their own info. In the third section, I am sure that the exercise where students go to the BLS website will be helpful to them.
Charlotte S.

Great Money Activity For Teenagers    July 25, 2011
By: Hicks, D
By: Dwanda H.

I really like this lesson because it helps the students to understand what money is, how it is earned, the different ways to earn it and why it is important to us. Teenagers will brainstorm from a job list different jobs they may have or would like to get. They will also, use the internet to research job careers from the Bureau of Labor Statics (their website is user friendly for teenagers.) They will have an activity (farmer) which explain why money is important. A very helpful lesson with helping teenagers know why money is important

Great Concept!    February 13, 2014
By: Sherman, L
I love that the lesson explores how money is received. This concept is one that I know students will benefit from and are curious about!