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A Rooster and a Bean Seed
Source: Council for Economic Education (EconEdLink) | Type: Lesson

In this lesson, students hear a folk tale and participate in a simulation that helps them recognize problems with barter and benefits of monetary exchange.




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Bartering Lessons in Language Arts Class    January 28, 2010
By: Stover, L
I used this lesson, with much success, in sixth grade language arts classes. We had done interdisciplinary activities before, so the students were able to appreciate that economic concepts could be introduced in a fable and folk tale unit.

If teaching multiple classes, one following the other, it would be a good idea to create multiple sets of the bartering and money cards as resorting can be time consuming.

The bartering activity gives the students an opportunity to get up out of their seats and interact with classmates. This can be noisy, but worth it when you hear them discussing how much fun they had in class to other students during lunch.

Fun lesson for 4th graders    April 17, 2010
By: M, J
I taught this lesson to my fourth grade students to explain the concept of barter and the role that money can play in a society. The story that accompanied the lesson was a little strange(a hen needs butter to "grease" a roosters throat since he has a seed stuck in it) but got the point across to students. The trading cards were well organized with coded numbers and symbols so that the teacher and/or student could easy see if the correct trade was made. I chose to copy the "ONE GREEN" cards onto green construction paper so that they were not confused with the other cards, and so they looked like "money". Be aware that "Visual 2" under #9 in the Procedures section is not listed in the materials section, but is actually "Activity 2".

Good way to teach barter!    November 13, 2011
By: Littrell, R
This lesson is good to teach students about barter and the role of money in our economic system.

Barter Fun    October 9, 2013
By: Johnson, A
Cant wait to actually implement this lesson. sounds great!